Disciplinary Policy & Sanction Guide


The purpose of a disciplinary code and procedure is to regulate the standards of conduct of employees. Discipline aims to correct unacceptable behaviour and adopt a progressive approach in the workplace. This also creates certainty and consistency in how discipline is applied. Employees cannot be disciplined for misconduct committed by them if they were unaware and oblivious to the fact that the particular misconduct committed by them was punishable and that it was a rule within the workplace that has been contravened. The value of having rules and regulations within a workplace will unequivocally contribute to the success and sustainability of the company – the ultimate goal in any work environment.

Aligned to Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act and the Codes of Good Practice, this matrix disciplinary approach covers most offences in the workplace.

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Included in this pack are:

  1. Disciplinary Policy and Code – this word document outlines the rules and how the company will handle discipline in the workplace, roles and responsibilities of people involved in handling discipline, the rights of the employee, steps in the disciplinary process etc.
  2. Sanction Guide – the 12-page guide covers offences a)Relating to the control of work b) offences relating to  illegal industrial action c) offences relating to misconduct, insubordination, or disorderly behaviour d) offences relating to theft, fraud, dishonesty, intention to deceive the company e) offences relating to safety to other employees or non-adherence to safety standards f) criminal activity g) sexual harassment h) abuse of power +  Gross negligence and many more
    Included are types of action to be taken for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th offences.
  3. Warning Form – 3-page; fillable pdf to be used for Verbal, 1st & 2nd Warnings
  4. Final Written Warning Form – 2-page fillable-pdf to be used after a disciplinary hearing/enquiry.
  5. Notice for Disciplinary Hearing – 2-page fillable-pdf to be used to inform the employee of the hearing and also if they are suspended from work.
  6. Appeal Form – 1-page fillable-pdf to be used by the employee if they should appeal the outcome of the enquiry/hearing.
  7. Employee Acknowledgement Form – employees are to be trained regarding the disciplinary policy. Once the training is completed, they complete this form which is saved in their files. Should they then break a rule this is used as proof that they were aware of the rule and the possible consequences.