Grievance Resolution Procedure


Any business that employs people will undoubtedly have times when employees have grievances. Having an objective process for your employees to raise these grievances and for you to address them is critical to business success.

The purpose of the Grievance Resolution procedure is to allow employees to bring to the attention of management any dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice that may exist in the workplace.

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Employees have the right to raise their discontent regarding management, working conditions, and their colleagues. In most cases, this dissatisfaction is not serious and can be resolved promptly and informally between the aggrieved, the manager or their colleagues. The raising of the issue does however need to be documented and a resolution process must be followed to ensure fairness and non-discrimination.

These easy to follow guidelines and Grievance lodging template helps employees state their case in a structured manner. It also helps you to resolve issues that could potentially cost you in time and money if left unresolved.