Performance Evaluation & Planning


Performance Evaluations are also known as Performance Reviews/Appraisals and when done correctly has 3 basic functions;

  1. To provide feedback to the employee on their work performance i.e., work quality, output, and efficiency.
  2. To serve as a basis for changing or modifying behaviour towards more effective working habits.
  3. To provide data to management/the business which can be used to make strategic people and reward planning and decisions.

Performance Planning helps in aligning the goals and objectives of:

  • The business
  • The department/team
  • The employee

It is the process of the strategic line of sight deliverables from the top, down to each employee in the business. It aids in identifying the goals/objectives that the employee must meet/achieve within a specified period and planning the best ways to achieve them.

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This 6-page fillable template is used in conjunction with the Performance Self Evaluation document (also available on our site) and the employee’s job description. It comprises 3 sections:

  1. Evaluation
  • A 3-point rating scale and space for 5 Objectives
  • 4 questions that assist in structuring the conversation between the employee and manager.
  • Open section for comments regarding the performance evaluation and rating from the employee and manager
  1. Recommendations for Improvement/Development
  • This section is split into 4 parts; Plan, Do, Check and Act
  1. Objective setting for the next period
  • Agreeing and setting of 5 specific and realistic objectives for the next period including what steps the employee is expected to take, what support the manager is expected to provide etc.