Performance Self Evaluation


Performance Self Evaluation is a great benefit to both employees and managers because it allows the employee to be an active participant in their evaluation.

When an employee self-evaluates, managers can gain insights into how employees feel about their work, how they are managed and how they fit into their team. It highlights misunderstandings and employees also get to give feedback to managers on what motivates them.

Involving your employees enables them to honestly assess their strengths and also areas they need to improve. Self-evaluation also serves to increase commitment to goal setting/achievement, competency development, and career planning.

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The 3-page fillable-pdf Template contains 7 open-ended questions covering amongst others:

  • Role aligned to expectations and performance
  • Objectives achieved
  • Circumstances that helped/hindered performance
  • Significant accomplishments or contributions
  • Goal setting for the next review
  • Personal development